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Maison des Arts - University Michel Montaigne - Bordeaux, France

The Maison des Arts project brings together different disciplines: theatre, music, sculpture, radio and cinema. It’ s a long, narrow building, very simple, like a box cut in half lengthwise and pierced by two large vertical shafts. These two spaces, which run right across the building, link the different activities taking place in the school.
The project’s point of departure was the idea of trying to eliminate structure as much as possible so as to show the space, to make a simple object, a container, with a sensitive skin which at some point becomes transparent in order to reveal its interior. One of the two shafts opens directly onto the sculpture studio on the ground floor, while the other is more or less the shop window for the exhibition space. A simple design clad in a skin of copper already oxidized to a delicate green, and which will acquire a wonderful patina with the passage of time. Simple lines, a box full of ideas, an image container.

Esplanade des Antilles – Domaine Universitaire, Bordeaux, France


Regional Council of Aquitaine


Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

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