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SHARE Tirana 2019 - Massimiliano Fuksas Lecture

28 February 2019 

SHARE Tirana 2019 – International Architecture and Engineering Forum

On Thursday 28 February 2019 the Architect Massimiliano Fuksas presented a lecture on Studio Fuksas’s most important projects at SHARE Tirana 2019 – International Architecture and Engineering Forum, Tirana, Albania.

These are the main issues of our days: the mutability of contemporary Architecture and Sustainability. Human beings no longer live in the countryside, but mostly in urban areas. Urban planning should be based on the study of the present, reflecting the past and carefully thinking of the consequences that our actions will have in the future.

The architect has a huge responsibility toward civil society toward human being and environment. Architecture must propose environmentally friendly solutions by making use of the most advanced technology to affect the less possible the planet creating buildings with the lowest possible energy consumption and the best possible indoor climate. But besides this we need to remember that architecture must give emotions to the people.

When we build, we think about the following principles: recreating parts of nature, incorporating water and maximizing energy storage. We firmly believe that we can improve the sustainability of our cities with acts, design and planning that integrate environmental, politic, social, intellectual and economic aspects. The aim is to create a built geography that combines landscape, economy and humanity.
Our latest projects are conceived, from initial stages, with systems that intend to reach the highest energetic efficiency levels by using geothermal science and cogeneration.
There’s no future without innovations.
Massimiliano Fuksas

SHARE Forum is one of the essential networking platforms for the construction-related fields in Central and Eastern Europe. We bring together principal and senior architects from leading practices to discuss about their recently awarded projects from the greatest architectural competitions worldwide.
International speakers from countries like Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Greece, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany and Romania confirmed their presence to SHARE Tirana 2019.
This edition of SHARE Tirana 2019 will have 3 panels: Tirana Tomorrow – Large Scale Projects, Facades, and Special Guest lecture.


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