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Fuksas' set-up for "Roma: il racconto di 100 donne", Musei Capitolini, Roma

Studio Fuksas has designed the facility for the exposition “Roma: il racconto di 100 donne” at Musei Capitolini in Rome.

Doriana (Fuksas) is one of the hundred women portrayed by the photographer Jacopo Brogioni and told by the words of Raffaele Timperi in the exhibition, which can be visited free of charge from April 4th to May 12th 2019.

The Fuksas’ set-up is composed of sheets of transparent Plexiglas on marble monoliths. The slabs create a path in the two Musei Capitolini’s rooms. despite the space.


The set-up was born from a reinterpretation of the exhibition itself, centered on the portrait of a hundred Roman women.

The figure of the woman, the main source of inspiration, is conceived as the backbone of contemporary society, in relation to different areas and social roles, especially in relation to the city of Rome.

The column thus becomes the fulcrum of the installation, represented by transparent elements in plexiglass according to a process of abstraction and respect to the context in which the exhibition is placed.

Their planimetric layout allows you to create a real path, which allows you to give the right emphasis to each individual photo, both in the outward flow and in the return flow.

The choice to use different heights, both for the dimensions of the panels and for the positioning of the photos, allow the assembly of the different photographs on two sides, in order to create a dynamic perspective for the visitor, starting from the main entrance hall .

Even lighting has a decisive value in emphasizing photographs: through the backlighting the images seem to be suspended in space.




Musei Capitolini, Rome, Italy



Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

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