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Media Markt Shopping Mall
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Media Markt Shopping Mall – Eindhoven, Netherlands

The main volume of the building consists of a large box of blue ceramic tiles which is connected on one side with a bridge to the piazza shopping mall, and on the other side to one of the major car parks of the city. The box is lifted from the ground creating space for the entrance and shop windows. The passage from car park to shopping mall through the second storey of the electronics store, ensures a large number of people on the upper levels of the shop. The connection of these buildings makes them function as one super building reaching over busy streets with entrances on different points in the city.
The façade of the ceramic box creates, together with the façade of the piazza shopping-mall, a smooth rectangular street profile, fitting to the new larger scale of the city of Eindhoven. Entering the city from the north this street profile forms the frame for a view to another project of studio Fuksas: the Admirant.
Looking closer to the blue ceramic façade a subtile detail  in the patern of the tiles reveals itself. On the tiles small facets, on slightly different angles, reflect the light of the sun every hour of the day differently, changing the apperence of the façade with the position of the sun.
At night the red commercial signing on the north and south façade of the building will light up, changing the appearance of the building again. The red signing will, together with the constantly changing green light installation of the piazza shopping mall. Create a lively atmosphere at night.


Eindhoven, The Netherlands

1999 -2005

William Properties

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

Fuksas Design

8000 sq.m

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