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Master Lecture: Love Will Save The World At The Cooper Union

The Steel Institute of New York with support from The Cooper Union,
The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, and
The Albert Nerken School of Engineering

Lecture Title:  Love will Save the World.
Location: The Great Hall at The Cooper Union (New York, NY 10003) USA
Date: Wednesday 23th of October 2019
Time: 18.30-20.30

Brief Description of the Lecture

n the evolution of the design process of the last 40+ years, the tangible and significant contribution of Studio Fuksas has been a reference per its integral approach implementing creative analysis, strategic conceptualization, and technological immersion and materials exploration at all times and each project.

The genuine commitment that Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, as leading architects and principals of the firm, to harvest innovation and keep current; while moving towards the expansion of new frontiers of the disciplines related to planning, architecture, interior, and product design.

The full embracement of Converged geometries, the Cunning Functional approach, and the Excel Construction Expertise attest about the exceptional ability to transform Architecture into Destination, Spaces into Memorable experiences and Materials as High-End technological building expression and construction statement. The mostly as honest and unique sign of our times contributing to a totally positive impact in the urban flow and dynamics, land value and people’s needs: providing new promenades of the architectural language of the function and program.

Love will Save the World lecture, represents, more than a statement of architectural legacy (that already can be seen as such) a Manifesto instead revisiting the crucial elements meaning of architecture affronting and assuming the most relevant challenge of current times and years to come; the responsibility of the architect and the role in giving answers to use of energy resources efficiently, zero to none carbon footprint, infrastructure re-use and city resilience while using materials (steel mainly) with versatility as an integral part of the design experience.

Learning Objectives

(AIA Lecture Series NY Chapter*)

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

– Acquire knowledge about the use of materials, more specific steel, as an integral element of the structural support while providing spatial qualities applied in several cases of studies shared.

– Describe the building systems required several scales and program architectural projects. Different structural needs applied demonstrating the diversity of solutions steel can provide beyond the base structural usage of it.

– Identify building design strategies used to facilitate a structural-functional logic while accommodating building code restrictions, specific programmatic requirements and steel maximum properties (from planar to three-dimensional configuration).

– Recognize the several properties of steel as core principal selected material to affront structural but also spatial and even aesthetic atmospheric approach in projects of several scales, function or level of complexity.

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