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FUKSAS For “IN-possible” Exhibition – ADAM Design Museum, Brussels

20 June 2019 

After the success at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the “IN-possible. Before an idea is brought to life” exhibition will have a new stage at the ADAM Design Museum in Brussels.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on June 20th 2019 and will remain open until October 13rd 2019.

Studio Fuksas participates in the exhibition with the project of “Fish cold beverage set” by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for Alessi.

Staged in association with the Design Museum Holon in Israel, the “IN-possible. Before an idea is brought to life” exhibition describes the work behind an industrial design product. A design object is the result of a complex combination of factors, where higher, cultural and social issues are joined by practical, concrete and financial matters. The meeting between the designer and the company represents a key moment in this process. A meeting of expertise, points of view and skills that shape – as part of what is often a long and laborious process – the product’s arrival on the market. Indeed, an industrial design product is a collective work where the company acts as the “publisher”. This continuous and open dialogue susceptible to the deviation, sometimes unexpected sees an “In-possibility” become a “Possibility”, as is typical of projects that seek to create innovative items and that therefore tacitly accept risk of an uncertain outcome.

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