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Refurbishment of the "Scuderie Aldobrandini" Building in Tuscolano Museum - Frascati, Italy

The intervention consists in the restoration of an ancient building owned by the Municipality (called ex Scuderie Aldobrandini) in order to create a multi-cultural center with the Tuscolano Museum, a conference room and several exhibition spaces.
The design approach is based on removing all the superfluous that during the last thirty years has accumulated without any rules in order to get an empty container showing the layering of the different interventions over the years.

The building can be divided into two parts:
– The ground floor with the archaeological museum;
– The first floor, devoted to temporary art exhibitions, conferences, lectures and screenings.

The two floors are separated by an iron-framed floating floor, 150cm spaced from the perimeter walls in order to obtain a single, double height space, characterized by a bottom wall in Pompeian red, where the best sculptures are placed on suspended shelves. The hall is used for the contemporary art exhibitions, or the cultural initiatives promoted by the Municipality, and can rely on the support of the auditorium, suitable for any kind of presentation or conference thanks to its 250 sqm screen.
The Tuscolano Museum’s archeological exhibits are displayed on slender bronze stands in a light-filled glazed gallery, where they form a metaphysical procession seemingly on the march towards the Satiro Villoso and Dioniso Braschi in a vaulted room surrounded by columns. The paired sheets of toughened laminated glass (height 2.60 m) are set straight into the floor, creating a central spine running through the entire length at ground level, which is thus fully visible from the town-hall square outside. The courtyard has been paved in order to get a space for theatrical and musical events to be held during summer.
The main facade towards the town square has been consolidated and maintain its traditional appearance. The large windows of the upper floor allow beautiful views of the Roman countryside and Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati.

Frascati, Rome, Italy


Municipality of Frascati (Rome)

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

Fuksas Design

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