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The Impronta collection was born as part of the project “Catalano per l’Architettura”. In contrast with more rational frameworks and geometries, the organic matrix becomes the collection’s central thread. An 80×45 cm built-in washbasin, a 120×80 cm shower tray and a backlit mirror are additions to the collection’s progenitor, a 125×50 cm washbowl, integrated with a unique, originally- designed towel rack and the shiny steel chest of drawers with chrome aluminum bases.

The shower tray, framed by a regular quadrangular perimeter, evokes a delicate natural element: the original anti-slip motif is made in the same way as the sea- waves-shaped sandy surfaces delimiting sinuous bottomlands where water flows. A superimposition of ceramic baseboards forms the washbowl as a basin nearly carved in matter, while the mirror converts the original concept into a clever game of transparencies and light.

Original is the side view exhaust system of washbowls, that have been devised to house either one hole, three hole and wall faucets.

Object: Impronta Collection
Design: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas
Date: 2011
Company: Catalano
Type: Realized

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