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Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas realized with Poltrona Frau Contract the new seat ”Carla”’.

Two surfaces intersect, rotate, and their movement gives rise to “Carla’s” back, seat and armrests. A simple geometry, like a geometric flower, slender. A contained, essential shape, to make the most even of the smallest space.

The seat designed for the conference room in the National Archives Building, “is , realized in red colour The chair is formed of two planes that intersect and rotate their way into the back, chair and armrests, just like a flower. A measured, minimalist shape. Carla’ was conceived to take advantage of even the smallest, most complex spaces and now forms part of the Poltrona Frau Seating Collection A model that is equally at home in auditoriums, concert halls and theatres.

It has a wooden structure covered in MDF. Ergonomic seat and armrest design. The back can be adjusted to obtain the optimal viewing position. The flame-resistant foam padding and intersecting elastic straps all contribute to making the seat very comfortable.  The covering is in soft Pelle Frau® or durable fabric. The seat can also be fitted with tablet arms and lighting. A counterweight and ultra-resistant nylon supports are used as the seat lifting mechanism and operate very silently. An exclusive inter-locking device enables the seats to be easily installed on a metal base covered in a scratch-resistant epoxy coating which can be easily dismounted for maintenance. The seating areas can be laid out in straight lines or radially.

Object: Carla Seat
Design: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas
Date: 2012
Company: Poltrona Frau
Type: Realized

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