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The linearity of the future, that opens and closes like a box: it’­s the new creation of Poltrona Frau, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for the Auditorium of the Grappa Nardini Research Center, the first project to use it.

Its called BiBi-580, this Seat gives shape to the discussion of the space managing in plublic spaces.

It’­s a structure of an harmoniousl ines, coverded with the famous Pelle Frau, world famous by its high quality standard, result of artesanal knowledge and modern technology, due to an exclusive craftmanship process: 21 different of leather treatment, more than the double normally used.

Most of all, the BiBi-580 represents a Seat capable of ergonomic confort to the body and a strong emotion on the soul.

The Seat presents two options of use: can be used ”closed” almost as a seating pad or to use it “open” as a seat. The BiBi-580 conceal an electronic device (activated by an exclusive software from Poltrona Frau) that opens the back of the seat, either individually or collectively from the Control Room, depending on the needs of the moment: by seat, by row, alternating seats, etc.

Or it can be open and closed manually, as a classical theater Seat but with a revolution on design: instead of lowering the seat, it opens the back.

The Idea of BiBi-580, as Fuksas says, is born from a new attitude towards the space, specially the ones destinated to welcome a large number of people. For this reason, the system of seating changes the rules, providing a direct fixing on the flat surface of the steps, leaving an easy access to the rows.

The intentions of the designer and builder don’t stop here. In the future, an exterior model will be available, with materials resistent to the atmospheric agents.

Object: BIBI Seat
Design: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas
Date: 2005
Company: Poltrona Frau
Type: Realized

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